Testimonials from past editions of EFVF

Christian W. Lysholm - Biomatics Technology - Award winner EFVF 2016

”European Food Venture Forum 2016 was a great event for meeting a strong palette of world leading food tech companies as well as inventors in the food tech area. EFVF2016 has provided Biomatics Technology with very strong leads for potential partners and clients and paved the way for the initial dialogue with investors for our next financing round.”

Kristofer Cook - Carbiotix AB - Award winner EFVF 2016

"The EFVF provided us with valuable feedback from leading investors in the food space, and an excellent opportunity to connect with other start-ups and share ideas and experiences"

Jake Norman - OAL Group - Award winner EFVF 2014

"The European Food Venture Forum was a great event to present Steam Infusion, our revolutionary heating and mixing technology. I learnt a lot whilst at the event and connected with a number of interesting individuals that have created significant opportunities for our technology."

Thor Sigfusson - Codlans - Award winner EFVF 2013

"At the European Food Venture Forum 2013 I enjoyed the opportunity to meet people from various backgrounds in the food industry other than mine.  I was positively surprised by the innovative ideas and valuable pieces of advice gained at the forum through the networking and one2one meetings with investors and other entrepreneurs. This is what makes these forums work wonders!"

Andreas Laustsen - Biosyntia - Award Winner EFVF 2012

"Tech Tour helped us gaining invaluable network and market understanding, which has positioned us very well in current investor discussions."