• NRW Venture Forum 2017(North Rhine-Westphalia) top20 companies selected to present at European Venture Contest Final(EVC-Final) in Dusseldorf
  • exposure for entrepreneurs to potential strategic partners and investors through event participation
  • networking opportunities with corporate investors, venture capitalists & fast-growing companies 



The outstanding entrepreneurship scene in NRW, one of the hottest startup spots in Germany, makes it the natural place to organize the 5th edition of the European Venture Contest Final(EVC-Final).Building on a strong history of successful NRW Venture Forum 2016(North Rhine-Westphalia), the 2017 edition will take place on 8-9 November in Cologne. 

The two-days event will unify 30 North Rhine-Westphalia innovative companies active in ICT, Life sciences and Clean and Energy technologies, with the ultimate goal to help them raise awareness and detect funding opportunities. This year's edition draws a special attention on the digital industry, with presenters in digital health, digital energy & resource efficiency.

NRW Venture Forum 2017 is one of the 10 Semi-Finals of the European Venture Contest Final 2017 (EVC-Final), blossoming with a plethora of startups, and attracting over 1,000 innovative companies every year! The NRW Semi-Final will select 20 innovative companies to present at European Venture Contest Final 2017(EVC-Final), the flagship investment forum and the final of the NRW Venture Forum 2017.

The past three editions of EVC attracted over 350 companies, with 80 presenters from NRW and 13 award winners from the region.



"Attending both NRW Venture Forum and EVC Final 2016, I can say, that the  events provided great opportunities for networking. Along with many interesting  investor talks, we even gained new customers! Cognigy will apply to this year’s  edition to NRW VF, a fast-track qualifier to EVC Final 2017. If you run a tech  Startup in NRW, you should do as well!"


Sascha Poggemann, Founder at Cognigy, Past presenter at NRW Venture Forum and EVC Final 2016



  • 30 selected innovative  companies from the NRW region 
  • 20+ local and foreign expert investors, recruited to rate the companies’ potential and select the 20 best NRW presenting
  • 60 + participants including representatives of the host organization, guests, media and organizers      

The NRW Venture Forum 2017 is an initiative of Europe Unlimited co-hosted by the Ministry of Innovation, Science and research of the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Ministry of Economy of the German State of North -Rhine Westphalia,Biocampus Cologne and the IHK Cologne. EVC - NRW  is proudly supported by the City of Düsseldorf, and NRW Bank.