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  Ms. Eleni Roxani Koutsolouka
My study and work background is in the field of logistics which sets the basics for the transport platform in order to understand the process and the market. I have been studying Business Logistics (bachelor) and Business Administration, specialization Transport, Distribution and Logistics (master) in Holland, subsequently I have been working for the EMEA Head office of Omron Healthcare in the logistical department, as Supply & Demand planner (Holland) and following I worked as a Supply Chain Manager for Athenian Family Bakery – Ferro (Greece). In these positions I took the lead in different innovation projects. In addition I have 4years of experience in terms of supervising different kinds of committees for sport clubs, which is important for the teambuilding required when managing a business. My personal skills, process moderately thinking and result driven will help me out setting up a business.



Athens, Greece

Online Transport Platform

JoinCargo is an online transport platform connecting businesses with cargo carriers(with less than one truck load).JoinCargo is based on the same principal as which displays available seats on flights from a variety of airlines.The Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs)enter a transport request for a certain route on the platform and instantly all available transport options will pop up,prices &services can be compared and transport can be booked.JoinCargo is the platform for the SME to instantly book an available truck through an one stop shop to outsource their transportation needs from a broad network and select the perfect match.For the carriers JoinCargo is the platform to instant present their available truck space and by closing deals they can optimize the use of their truck.This efficiency for carriers and SME which is reached by outsourcing and collaboration is a requirement for businesses in order to survive in the current economic position Europe is operating in.

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 Organisation Activities
Activity: private company (start-up/sme) with an innovative product, technology or service
Technology Sectors: ict
Geographic: europe


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