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  Mr. Juha Salmela
Juha Salmela is the CTO and co-founder of Spinnova having been previously at VTT as a team leader and team member of Rheology and process flows team. Juha is also the main inventor of the fibre to yarn technology. Experimental research of fibre suspension flows and flocculation related to papermaking has been the main focus of his research. He has been leading several large industrial process development projects. Valmet paper machine head box development has been one of the largest successful industrial research topics for him. During 2010-2013 he acted as a work package leader (Resource-efficient papermaking concepts) in TEKES-funded EffNet-project. EffNet was a Finnish Forestcluster-funded project targeting on the applications related to paper industry. He spent one year as a visiting researcher at UBC (University of British Columbia): - FLIPT-EU project manager - Leader COST action FP1005 - Invited member of the FRC Committee - Associate editor of Frontiers in Chemistry



Vaajakoski, Finland

SPINNOVA WILL DISRUPT THE RAW MATERIAL BASE OF THE WHOLE TEXTILE INDUSTRY! We make sustainable textiles directly from natural fibres.

Our vision is to disrupt the raw material base of the whole textile industry! We make sustainable textiles directly from natural fibres! We are looking for 5 M€ A-round funding. Spinnova is a new bio-material company based in Jyväskylä, Finland. Spinnova started operations in 2015 with 2 million € seed round financing. We combine our wide experience in fibre suspension and pulp and paper research and development to produce Spinnova yarn. Spinnova has over 120 years of technology development experience and so far 5 M€ has been invested into Fibre Yarn development Our yarn is low cost and sustainable alternative to Cotton and oil based yarns. Spinnova yarn uses 99% less water, 80% less energy, no harmful chemicals or pesticides and no farm land compared to cotton production. Technology is globally patented with 5 patents and 7 applications in patent pending state. Spinnova has proofed the new technology in small scale and now the technology will be upscaled into industrial production.


 Organisation Activities
Activity: private company (start-up/sme) with an innovative product, technology or service
Technology Sectors: new materials / textiles / bio-economy and materials
Geographic: finland


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