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  Dr. Pranjul Shah
Founder and CEO
Dr. Pranjul Shah is the founder of OrgaMime. Pranjul joined the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine in 2011 as a researcher where he developped two innovative platforms targeting the gut microbiome: HuMiX and microGUT. Pranjul has an extensive experience in commercializing academic research in biomedical domain. He has a PhD in microfluidics from the Technical University of Denmark with focus on developing advanced microtechnologies. During his PhD, he lead the commercialization of his research project into a spin-off, technology which has since been successfully licensed to Delta. Apart from its research "life", Pranjul was also selected as a Kauffman Global Scholar by the prestigious Kauffman Foundation for Entrepreneurship, program coached by serial entrepreneurs in venture creation and startups by world renowned faculties at the MIT, Stanford and Harvard Universities.



Belval, Luxembourg

Emulating the human gastrointestinal tract on a chip, OrgaMime offers the microGUT platform to design better food targeting the human gut microbiome

Mission: Orgamime is committed to support foods, nutrition and pharmaceuticals companies to bring safer and more effective products based on based an innovative technologies faithfully reproducing the human gut. ------------------------ Objectives: Our goal is to be the reference in modelling the human gut microbiome by using our proven and proprietary platforms and partnering with leading pharmaceutical, food and nutrition companies to significantly accelerate the testing of theirs drugs and products, getting them to market in a short time frame.

Human-microbial co-culture interface / Gut microbiota research & development / Drug screening and Discovery / Human Microbiome Research /  Food and Nutrition companies
 Organisation Activities
Activity: private company (start-up/sme) with an innovative product, technology or service
Technology Sectors: food & beverages / life sciences / medtech / medical products & services / medical devices
Geographic: europe / western europe / luxembourg


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