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  Dr. Bruno Garavelli
CEO and co-founder
Bruno Garavelli CEO and co-founder, has a Degree in Nuclear and Electronic Engineering obtained at Politecnico Milano and a post graduate diploma in Economics and Management at Bocconi Business School of Management. Bruno began his career working at the electronics design of X radiation detection signals acquisition systems for the satellite applications, where he reached the position of Head of Sales and Marketing. Later, he specializes in the ICT field, as business manager of the Italian branch of a multinational. After thirty years of experience in Aerospace and ICT, in 2003 he founded his first startup: a company specialized in innovative solutions with high technological complexity for Aerospace and ICT sectors, and participated to the mission of the satellite X-rays Agile. Bruno has contributed to various international publications in science, and he is the inventor of a patent for land navigation of light vehicle, and owner of the patent at the base of Xnext's technology.



Milano, Italy

XSpectra ®: the most advanced real time scanner for defects and contaminants detection

Xnext has developed the most advanced real time contaminants and defects scanner capable to perform real time non conformity detection in quality control line. Moreover the scanner can detect explosive in security controls. Xnext is owner of a patented technology, with unique and advanced characteristics, compared to the state of the art, enabling a strong product and process innovation in advanced smart manufacturing process and security controls. Xnext was born in 2014 aiming at the competitive development of the XSpectra technology,as follow up of an R&D project financed by Institutions that has demonstrated the technology. The management team includes 4 experienced managers covering commercial, technical, legal affairs and business administration. The operational team is a cross-contamination among long managers experienced and 6 specialized young engineers. Xnext is based in Milan, with his own offices and laboratory

Smart Manufacturing / QUALITY AND SAFETY CONTROLS / Non Destructive Tests / ICT / Clean tech
 Organisation Activities
Activity: private company (start-up/sme) with an innovative product, technology or service
Technology Sectors: food & beverages / ict / optoelectronics, instrumentation, sensors / industrial automation/robotics / life sciences / energy, clean technology, environment / machinery/electrical equipment / other technology sector / bio-economy and materials
Geographic: america / asia / europe


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