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  Dr. Stefan Reber
Chief Executive Officer
Stefan has more than two decades of experience in applied research. Before founding NexWafe he headed the department of silicon materials and kerfless wafering at the Fraunhofer ISE comprising about 40 engineers, scientists, students and technicians. He raised more than EUR 35 m of R&D funds from industry and public customers and successfully managing large projects running his department as a profit center. Stefan is a leader and in-depth initiate in the field of silicon materials and kerfless wafering, being co-inventor on more than 20 granted patents and patent applications. He started in 1996 at the Fraunhofer ISE as a PhD student. From 2000 onwards he pushed kerfless wafering and silicon epitaxy from lab to pilot. He built up the business area on kerfless wafer technology and led the silicon epitaxy group. Since 2009 Stefan holds a diploma on physics from the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany, and a PhD degree from the University of Mainz, Germany.



  NexWafe GmbH
Freiburg, Germany

NexWafe commercializes kerfless wafer technology to supply to solar cell manufacturers high quality mono-crystalline Si wafers as a drop-in replacement for Czrochalski Si wafers at a fraction of the cost

NexWafe will supply to the PV industry kerfless silicon wafers as a drop-in replacement for todays Cz silicon wafers at a fraction of the cost. Based on our proprietary and patent protected kerfless wafer technology we have developed a manufacturing process with an unbeatable cost reduction exceeding 50% for high quality solar wafers. We are uniquely positioned as the only kerfless wafer technology with drop-in ability to use the wafers in the existing solar cell production lines. We hit the sweet spot of industry needs by enabling solar cell manufacturers to combine high efficiencies with low material costs. NexWafe operates in a fast-growing multi-billion dollar market. We will start commercial production in 2017 to exceed EUR 35m in revenues by 2019.

Silicon wafer production / High troughput epitaxy / Kerfless wafering / 
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