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  Mr. Frank Tielens
Frank has almost 30 years of experience in different positions in several industries. He joined Heat Matrix in 2012 as investor and is active as CEO since 2015. Previously, Frank ran his own investment and consulting business. Until 2012 he was member of the executive board of the then publicly listed company Nutreco -active in animal feed- and was responsible for the expansion of the specialty division. Before Organon was successfully sold to Schering Plough, Frank was within the management team of this (bio)pharmaceutical company responsible for global business development and the biotechnology division. Before moving to the USA, he held management positions in Latin America and Europe. Earlier in his career, Frank held several positions in sales and marketing within Akzo Nobel Chemicals. Frank Tielens has a MSc in business administration from the University of Rotterdam (NL).



  HeatMatrix group
Geldermalsen, Netherlands

Many industries are losing energy via hot corrosive flue gas or process air through their stacks. HeatMatrix has developed a unique polymer heat exchanger which is corrosion resistant and therefor can recover this heat.

Opportunity: In many industries flue gases as well as air from production processes contain corrosive and fouling components. These streams still contain a lot of heat that is not being recovered. Problem: If the heat is recovered from corrosive flue gas or off gas, the acidic elements will condensate into very corrosive acids. Conventional metal heat exchangers are not able to withstand these harsh circumstances. Solution: Heat matrix has developed a heat exchanger that is made of a polymer and hence can deal with this acidic environment. So with the polymer heat exchanger of HeatMatrix the energy from these acidic flue gases can be recovered and be used to preheat combustion air or process air. This results in 5% -15% energy saving and an attractive business case.

energy efficiency / corrosive and fouling flue gas and process air / waste heat recovery / heat exchangers polymer / 
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Activity: private company (start-up/sme) with an innovative product, technology or service
Technology Sectors: ict / energy, clean technology, environment / industrial products, materials & nanotech
Geographic: asia / europe


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