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  Mr. Jean-Luc Affaticati
Jean-Luc holds an engineering degree in computer science (Ecole Centrale de Lyon; 1986) and a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence (Supelec; 1989). For the past 15 years, Jean-Luc has served in the broadcast industry, holding technical and management positions in sales, marketing and business development in Switzerland, EMEA and worldwide. Throughout his career, Jean-Luc has dealt with sports broadcast entities, including production companies, broadcasters, leagues, federations and clubs, mainly in football (soccer). Jean-Luc masters the digital workflow of the football industry, as well as its complex eco system and economics. In the Digit Arena project, Jean-Luc brings a unique market know-how. Having long term relationships with the industry key players, Jean-Luc possesses the industry network with broadcasters, technology suppliers, services companies, marketing agencies and event’s organisers, clubs, leagues and federations.



  DigitArena SA
Martigny, Switzerland

DigitArena delivers a unique sports arena advert replacement technology which re-populates physical banner content with other advertising content based on geo-localisation

Digit Arena is the only company in the world with unique software to revolutionize advertisement on sports pitches. This patented technology replaces local ads in stadia by commercials tailored to the TV or VR viewer depending on where they are in the world. This enables multiple local sponsors to reach their target audience via a universal event. With the potential to drastically increase advertisement revenues derived from sporting events, it can be applied to all billboards around the globe, whatever the sport.

ICT / Sport / Advertisement / 
 Organisation Activities
Activity: private company (start-up/sme) with an innovative product, technology or service
Technology Sectors: ict / software & it services / communications & network systems (incl. satellite comms) / broadcasting & cable systems / electronics, hardware & peripherals / space / ground stations / other space related
Geographic: europe


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