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  Ms. Isabel Hoffmann
Founder and CEO
Isabel Hoffmann is an executive with experience and success in leading and scaling early-stage businesses. In the past 20 years, Isabel has founded eight companies in the fields of preventive medicine, health care, genetics, technology, entertainment and education in the North American, European, and South American markets. She has negotiated strategic investments with groups such as CBS Corporation and Mitsubishi International, and raised equity investment and convertible debenture notes. She was also the main strategic negotiator on several business acquisitions, including a US$28M acquisition of Corel Multimedia business division. Her many awards include: Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year (1996) and MacLean’s Honor Role for Canadian Excellence (1995).



  TellSpec Inc.
Middlesex, United Kingdom

Tellspec offers affordable real-time food testing, food-safety and food-authenticity.

Tellspec is a Data Company that offers an affordable end-to-end solution for food testing, food-safety and food-authenticity. Our team has created the world’s first handled device able to scan food at a molecular level: the Tellspec Food Sensor. Our technology includes a three-part system: a pocket-sized spectrometer, a cloud-based patented analysis engine, and a mobile app that work together to scan foods, identify calories, macronutrients, allergens, and also provide relevant information such as food fraud, food adulteration and food quality. Tellspec’s mission is to help create a Clean Food Revolution by providing food security to all. We hope that we will spark a vital change in the way people eat and the way food is currently grown and produced. Clean food is an undeniable human right.

Food Fraud / Food quality control / Food testing / Bio-sensors and Personal Health Monitoring Devices / Mobile Health
 Organisation Activities
Activity: private company (start-up/sme) with an innovative product, technology or service
Technology Sectors: agriculture / food & beverages / life sciences / energy, clean technology, environment / digital health
Geographic: america / asia / europe


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