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  Dr. Guggi Kofod
GK received his PhD in 2001 on Artificial Muscles, and has run a successful research group in the same field for 5 years. He has worked for 2 years as Asst. Prof. in the Philippines. GK presently manages Inmold, a small startup in innovative plastics manufacture. GK focusses on novel plastic functionalities and specialized plastic tooling for novel technologies. GK has launched a novel technology service for high/end plastics decoration, known as MoldGrfx. GK has co-invented and co-founded a recent spin-off, Heliac, active in concentrated solar thermal, which has attracted 2nd round founding and will build its first 2 MW thermal power plant in Denmark in 2017.



  Inmold A/S
Taastrup, Denmark

Inmold provides a ground-breaking technology for barcoding of plastic products - solving Industry 4.0 traceability and counterfeit problems with one strike

Inmold develops and markets innovative solutions for watermarking and QR coding of plastic products and packaging, for differentiation, counterfeit prevention and traceability. --- \MoldGrfx/ provides injection moulded plastic parts with hologram watermarking directly, without stickers, coatings or extra work cycles. Overt and covert options available, with minimum effort required from plasic manufacturer. Mature service. --- \ACfoil/ is the markets most productive and versatile method for production of flexible packaging with embedded hologram watermarking. Mature service. --- \rel8/ is Inmold's vision for adding individual QR codes to every molded plastic part DURING moulding. The code is scanned by smartphone and provides access to online information for every part. Traceability, counterfeit protection, after market, ownership, end-of-life, and many other aspects of the product become directly accessible.

anti-counterfeit measures /  optical and functional thermoplastic film / MoldGrfx - injection moulded holograms / production tools for nano- and microstructured plastic / 
 Organisation Activities
Activity: private company (start-up/sme) with an innovative product, technology or service
Technology Sectors: life sciences / nanotechnology / plastics/polymer / paints & coatings / other industrial products, materials or services / internet of things
Geographic: denmark


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