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  Mr. Rune Bjerkestrand
Managing Director
Rune Bjerkestrand has an Engineer of Cybernetics degree and has a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Management from the Norwegian School of Management. He has held senior management positions at Honeywell, Norcontrol and Kongsberg Maritim. He was Vice President of Operations and Vice President of Product and Marketing Management at Davis. In addition, he was the Director of Product Development at Infocus. Rune is one of the founders of Piql AS, where he holds the position of Managing Director.



  Piql AS
Drammen, Norway

Ultra-secure data storage + long-term digital preservation provided as a managed service. Disruptive technology - turnkey holistic solution – commercially ready - first clients - global network of partners. A global and rapidly growing niche market!

Our vision is to safeguard irreplaceable data! We want to: *Enable clients to protect their data from cyberattacks, manipulation, deletion and privacy threats * Secure our digital heritage for the future * Reduce the long-term cost of data storage, saving of 60-80% * Liberate data owners from technology and vendor lock-in * Turn a pan-European solution into a winner within a growing global market of data storage Significant R&D within data storage and digital preservation has been made in 3 Eurostars projects and 3 projects supported by the Norwegian Research Council. The result of EUR 27 million invested is a disruptive technology and integrated holistic solution, the “Piql System”. We will use the Piql System to deliver Piql Services to clients globally through a network of Piql Partners. Our niche market is irreplaceable data that needs to be securely stored and/or with a guaranteed accessed in the future. Today there is no technology or solution available with Piql's capabilities

Ultra-secure data storage / Long-term digital preservation / Migration free data storage / Cybersecurity / Future access to digital data
 Organisation Activities
Activity: private company (start-up/sme) with an innovative product, technology or service
Technology Sectors: ict / it services / electronics, hardware & peripherals / optoelectronics, instrumentation, sensors / other ict / machinery/electrical equipment / nanotechnology / new materials / plastics/polymer / cloud & big data / security & cyber security
Geographic: africa / america / asia / europe / norway


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