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  Mr. Nils Paajanen
Nils studied Economics and Development, worked in development, then found entrepreneurship and startups to be where impact is made. Have learned incredibly fast since then and pushed my potential. Making a difference through Aaltoes, Startup Sauna and Slush. Previously at YourMechanic and Inventure now finishing a Master's degree and working on some side projects.



  Singa Oy
Helsinki, Finland

Building the future of karaoke

Singa is building the future of karaoke. The global karaoke market is estimated to be between $10-15 billion and growing, but has seen little innovation in the past 10-15 years (still runs mostly on DVD’s, set-top boxes and downloads). Singa is at the forefront of digitizing this huge potential. We have developed mobile, AppleTV (SmartTV) and browser based apps for consumers to stream karaoke wherever, whenever and are quickly becoming the “Spotify of Karaoke”. For businesses, we deliver a modern iPad based professional grade karaoke & entertainment system at a fixed monthly fee, without any upfront costs, and are quickly replacing existing solutions. We are in a unique position where we can serve both markets with the same platform, which no current player can match and are are well positioned to modernize and disrupt the industry.

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