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  Dr. Max Ruffo
President and CEO
Max Ruffo holds a PhD in New Technology Implementation and worked in the Aerospace sector heading R&D department for Boeing He has been a world renowned name in the growing 3D-Printing Industry before moving to drones and robotics sensors in 2011.



Outskirt of Geneva (CH), next to CERN, France

Enabling smarter and faster robotics and drones, by making the fastest and lightest 3D sensors in the world (branded and the intelligence for fully autonomous navigation and 3D mapping.

Terabee is CERN spinoff improving robotics and drones by adding intelligent 3D vision. We build better eyes for robots and associated brains. Terabee started as a drone company, then then moved into indoor autonomous inspections and started developing sensor technology with CERN. To solve the major problems of anti-collision and self-localisation, Terabee started developing new ranging sensors (called TeraRanger) and vision intelligence based on time of flight technology, having the uniqueness of developing sensors that are small, light and incredibly fast compared with any existing technology. Now developing 3D cameras and hybrid technology.

distance measurements /  autonomous navigation / drones and robots / radar and ultrawide band / 3D sensors
 Organisation Activities
Activity: private company (start-up/sme) with an innovative product, technology or service
Technology Sectors: ict / energy, clean technology, environment / environment / machinery/electrical equipment / space & defense, aeronautics, automotive / industrial products, materials & nanotech / other technology sector
Geographic: africa / america / asia / europe / oceania


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