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  Mr. Claude Florin
Senior manager in entrepreneurial ventures. I contribute : • Venture experience. Co-founder of 3 start-ups, since 2013 CEO of Fastree3D single photo-detectors for 3D imaging. Founder in 2009 of a business angel club with 8 investments and 30 mentored companies. Partner Polytech Ventures Seed VC with 9 portfolio companies. • Business development in the field of image processing, mobile video, and medical imaging solutions. Expert at the Swiss Innovation commission CTI. • Industrial experience in 3G mobile network infrastructure deployed with over 15 top operators. • Corporate venture : 20 years of partnerships with SMBs and corporate in telecoms and medical device industry. Education : MSEE EPFL, business certificates from IMD, MIT Sloan, Harvard Business School.



  Fastree3D SA
Ecublens, Switzerland

Fast 3D imaging sensors subsystem for automotive safety and autonomous robots

Fastree3D provides the performance of research instruments (maping and civil engineering LIDARs) at the cost of consumer technologies (as used in gesture control, gaming). This enables 3D vision is essential for automotive safety, machine vision and gesture control. Fastree3D provide single photon detectors and accurate time-digital counters manufactured with standard CMOS. These measure distance digitally using direct time-of-flight. We implement near infra-red lasers illumination using VCSEL arrays pulsed at MHz rates. - Resolution ( > 3 mm, 20ps time of single-photon detector ), - accuracy (operations under bright or dark lighting condition, high dynamic range and signal/noise ratio; using high frequency pulsed illumination), - long distance (>50m measured). The project benefits from 9 published patents (4 awarded) and results from 2 EU R&D projects.

photodetector / sensor / vision / 3D / System on Chip
 Organisation Activities
Activity: private company (start-up/sme) with an innovative product, technology or service
Technology Sectors: ict / semiconductors / optoelectronics, instrumentation, sensors / industrial automation/robotics / energy, clean technology, environment
Geographic: netherlands / switzerland


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