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Presenting Companies

Arjen Noorbergen
Triggi - Amsterdam [NL]
Triggi makes smart devices smarter by connecting them to other devices, apps and services.
Tunc Kahveci
ARDIC - Istanbul [TR]
An IoT platform technology company.
Tatiana Chapovalova
BESPACED - Duesseldorf [DE]
BESPACED - Airbnb and DriveNow for short-term locations for meetings, workshops and social events.
Jake Manning
Bio Check Technologies UG - Essen [DE]
BCT develops Intelligent SaaS solutions that help organizations connect with their staff members more effectively.
Sascha Poggemann
Cognigy - Düsseldorf [DE]
Cognigy provides intelligent natural language integration for IoT-Devices and Applications
João Reis
Cook4Me - Porto [PT]
Cook4.Me is a new way of ordering homemade food with just one click!
Sven Huschke
Cortado Mobile Solutions GmbH - Berlin [DE]
Cortado Corporate Server manages the new Workplace. Enterprise Mobiltiy Management Secure, simple, productive
Achim Fell
Dear Reality - Düsseldorf [DE]
3D audio technology and ultra-realistic acoustic virtualization for VR, AR and 360° Videos
Jean-Luc Affaticati
DigitArena SA - Martigny [CH]
DigitArena delivers a unique sports arena advert replacement technology which re-populates physical banner content with other advertising content based on geo-localisation
Claude Florin
Fastree3D SA - Geneva [CH]
Fast 3D imaging "solid state flash Lidar" for automotive safety and autonomous robots
Thomas Rössig
Flying Sheep Studios - Cologne [DE]
Flying Sheep Studios develops the best HTML5 games specifically designed to be played in mobile as well as desktop browsers.
Nezar Mahmoud
frimeo GmbH - Darmstadt [DE]
The frimeo app is a unique B2C market place for local food, which allows consumers to discover the huge variety of local food offerings from independent producers in their proximity via mobile devices and enables also online ordering in the near future.
Dalton Kreiss
GETmeHOME - Leipzig [RO]
GetMeHome is a group of passionate and diverse founders including MBA graduates, small business owners, and professional app programmers.
Gregory Eve
greenApes - Firenze [IT]
A gamified social network for sustainability engagement, rewarding green ideas and impacts of citizens and corporate employees
André Kingham
Iristrace B.V. - Amsterdam [NL]
We help great brands deliver on their promise by ensuring that everyone is accountable for quality and service excellence
Michel Tombroff
Jack Media SA - Lasne [BE]
Jack is a messaging application that allows you to decide when your message can be read.
Jonathan Schockaert
ListMinut - Brussels [BE]
Outsource your daily chores to awesome and reliable individuals nearby
Maksym Verteletskyi
LocAid.Me - Prague [CZ]
Indoor crowd safety and facility management system DETECTING & MAPPING danger with NOTIFYING & NAVIGATING people inside helpings save lives and property
Fredrika Haneborg-Luhr
LUMEX A/S - London [NO]
Empowering OCR for demanding applications
Rubén Criado
Luz Wavelabs - Madrid [ES]
Disruptive signal generation technology to provide actual optical fiber bandwidth in wireless communications
Olgac Ergeneman
Magnes AG - Zurich [CH]
Wearable Sports PerformanceWearable Sports Performance Monitoring Systems - Introducing a magnetic-based powermeter for cycling. Monitoring Systems - Introducing a magnetic-based powermeter for cycling.
Amin Ben Said
Malindo GmbH - Eschbach [DE]
providing a better way for retailers to manage their returned products, driving higher recovery rates and quicker turn times
Lex Tan
MotionsCloud - Mannheim [DE]
Mobile & Artificial Intelligence Claims Solutions for Non-life insurers
Bastian Kneissl
MountLytics - Eschborn [DE]
MountLytics - the Customer Intelligence Cloud of the travel industry to connect all digital channels and data for smarter decisions, intelligent marketing and higher value creation.
Glenn Kindall
MUUWIT - København Ø [DK]
Muuwit - the online trading platform for B2B meat professionals
Marek Franko
NG Aviation [CZ]
NG Aviatio n is company which focuses on the development of the Airport Management System
Kayvan Mirza
Optinvent - Rennes [FR]
Optinvent is a leading maker of Augmented Reality wearable display products based on a patented see-through optical technology. The ORA-2 professional smart glass and the ORA-X smart AR headphones offer disruptive performance and cost benefits.
Michael Walser
Packator.com - Berlin [DE]
Packator is the easy solution to ship anything anywhere anytime. PickUp, packaging and delivery have never been easier
Cedric Mangaud
PIQ - Neuilly sur Seine [FR]
“PIQ Sport Intelligence is the leading European start-up in sports robotic changing, from today on, the definition of connected sports. PIQ tech revolution is based on 2 patented inventions.
Rune Bjerkestrand
Piql AS - Drammen [NO]
Ultra-secure data storage + long-term digital preservation provided as a managed service. Disruptive technology - turnkey holistic solution – commercially ready - first clients - global network of partners. A global and rapidly growing niche market!
Vadim Vermeiren
Pozyx - Gent [BE]
Pozyx accurate positioning, provides a full-scale RTLS solution in challenging large-scale environments delivering position insights with an accuracy up to 10cm
Hans Brink Hansen
Princh A/S [DK]
Princh is killing the home printer by building a global network of public printers enabling users to print and pay around the corner.
Olivier Hamel
Prodibi - Geneva [CH]
Prodibi is everything you need to showcase beautiful images online
Evelina Georgieva
Pryv SA - Lausanne [CH]
By enabling access to the best of real-world, clinical and personal data-outcomes through its Middleware,Pryv empowers Health companies to accelerate their business, forge new business models & overcome the complex technical, ethical and legal challenges.
Mark Arthur
Puut A/S - Copenhagen [DK]
Puut is an enabling and financial technology company that offers mobile wallet services, social finance enablement and content sharing as a service to smartphone users, issuers, service providers and merchants alike.
Gert Stalmans
Qtree Solutions - Lokeren [BE]
Improve the efficiency of lead capturing at events
Simone Marini
sailsquare srl - Milan [IT]
The first marketplace for sailing experiences offered by local skippers
Rob Leslie
Sedicii - Waterford [IE]
Sedicii proves you are who you say you are without exposing your identity details
Nils Paajanen
Singa Oy - Helsinki [FI]
Building the future of karaoke
Michael Keil
SlidePort [DE]
Content Experience Suite for marketing and sales departments (SaaS)
Karsten Koenigstein
Smartly Solutions GmbH - Koenigs Wusterhausen [DE]
We provide ready to run Smart Manufacturing solutions to companies of all sizes
Mustafa Azim
smartvie GmbH - Wedemark [DE]
smartvie is the German answer to the US online market places. Merchants sell easier and cheaper because we rely on intelligent technologies. Buyers are given comprehensive advice thanks to smart shopping advisors and do not have to research externally.
Max Ruffo
Terabee [FR]
Enabling smarter and faster robotics and drones, by making the fastest and lightest 3D sensors in the world (branded www.TeraRanger.com) and the intelligence for fully autonomous navigation and 3D mapping.
Jaume Gelada
UBIKWA - Girona [ES]
We have developed the world’s first cost-effective solution to remotely monitor the silos of the livestock farms and optimize the animal feed supply chain.
Reza Sardeha
Undeveloped - Amsterdam [NL]
Undeveloped is a domain marketplace making domain trading open, transparent and accessible to all
Lars-Thorsten Sudmann
unoso - Gevelsberg [DE]
bloola opens the door for effective collaboration with your important people of today and in your future.
Richard van Barneveld
Utomik - zeist [NL]
- the Netflix for games -
Jan Rotard
Vemcon - Haar [DE]
Automation and digitalization of mobile machinery (construction-agriculture-municipal machines)
Andreas Damek
WIRECLOUD is a cloud based telephone system with a great integration into other cloud services
Sebastian Linko
Wirepas - Helsinki [FI]
Wirepas is focused on providing the most reliable, optimized and scalable device connectivity to its customers.
Mike Beunder
Withlocals B.V. - Eindhoven [NL]
Withlocals is a peer-to-peer marketplace where locals can offer truly unique and personalized things to do & eat to travelers.
Mauricio Piper
Wotch - Cologne [DE]
The Wotch SmartStrap is a leather watch strap, combining the functionality of a smartwatch and fitness tracker, whereby the consumer does not have to replace his existing watch.
Orlando Ribas Fernandes
XnFinity, Lda. - Porto [PT]
Our mission is to provide products and intelligent solutions, innovative, high quality, meeting the consumers businesses needs in different markets, thus contributing to the paradigm shift.
Paul Maes
Aquilon Pharmaceuticals - Vise [BE]
Valuing the therapeutic benefit of Cyclodextrins in treating pulmonary diseases
Life Sciences
Tero Silvola
BC Platforms [CH]
BC Platforms provides powerful genomic data management solutions to address some of the biggest healthcare challenges by leveraging the convergence of genomics and IT. BC Platforms’ vision is to revolutionize drug development through smart data discovery.
Life Sciences
Christian Lysholm
Biomatics Technology ApS - Copenhagen [DK]
We are specialized in solutions for automation and advanced real-time monitoring in Biotech, Pharma and Foodtech manufacturing
Life Sciences
Hans Genee
Biosyntia ApS - København [DK]
Enabling production of vitamins by fermentation
Life Sciences
Michael Bauer
Cellestia Biotech AG - Basel [CH]
Cellestia develops a novel anti-cancer targeted therapy for patients with NOTCH pathway activated cancer
Life Sciences
Vicente Rodilla Sala
CYS Bionics - Valencia [ES]
Our innovative bionic interface allows to improve the aspects related to remote management, confort and human security in the interaction with all kind of environment. We can provide the human being with a "remote control" coupled to its own body.
Life Sciences
Alberto Scarpa
D-EYE - Marghera - Venezia [IT]
D-EYE - a digital window to the body
Life Sciences
Peter Ohnemus
dacadoo - Zurich [CH]
The digital & mobile dacadoo solution helps users to navigate through their health & fitness data, using a scientifically calculated Health Score to make sense out of all data in real-time, gamification & other motivation techniques to keep users engaged
Life Sciences
Vittorio Bava
Diptera [IT]
We use insects to manufacture sustainable animal feed ingredients.
Life Sciences
Marco Bottaro
Eucardia Srl - Milano [IT]
Eucardia develops a new patented cardiac medical device intended to provide a simple, quick and cost effective solution to treat patients affected by advanced heart failure.
Life Sciences
Juan Monzón
Exovite - Zaragoza [ES]
A new concept to improve healing processes due to broken bones and muscle injuries
Life Sciences
Maarit Merla
Forendo Pharma Ltd. - Turku [FI]
Forendo Pharma is a drug discovery and development company, focused on novel therapies for women’s and men’s health
Life Sciences
Unique efficient solution to DIVA problem in animal brucellosis, by marking classic vaccines with a protein sourced from a jelly fish
Life Sciences
Kai Kronström
Injeq Oy [FI]
The Smart Needle company
Life Sciences
Sami Kilpinen
MediSapiens Oy [FI]
MediSapiens is a Bio-IT company that creates Bio-IT solutions that allow powerful integration of biomedical big data combined with intelligent tools to access the data, and turn it into actionable knowledge.
Life Sciences
Jon Friis
Miiskin - Copenhagen [DK]
Miiskin is a mobile health company that offers easy self-monitoring of mole changes to people with skin cancer and melanoma concerns.
Life Sciences
Pablo Gagliardo
NeuroAtHome - Valencia [ES]
NeuroAtHome: quantifying physical and cognitive rehabilitation regardless of location.
Life Sciences
Javier Bosch Fonte
Nothingbutnet - Valencia [ES]
Company devoted to introduce technology in sports with the aim of improving results and taking care of sportmen's health
Life Sciences
Philipp Schröder
NSM - Columbus Health Products GmbH - Düsseldorf [DE]
CHP is a medical product company that focuses on the scientific and clinical development of the NSM-neurostimulation therapy for orthopaedic as well as neurological diseases
Life Sciences
Alfred Hansel
oncgnostics GmbH - Jena [DE]
oncgnostics develops - based on proprietary epigenetic markers - highly reliable molecular diagnostic tests for several aspects of cancer diagnostics such as screening, triage, personalized treatment.
Life Sciences
Pranjul Shah
OrgaMime - Belval [LU]
Emulating the human gastrointestinal tract on a chip, OrgaMime offers the microGUT platform to design better food targeting the human gut microbiome
Life Sciences
Jeroen De Backer
pridiktiv.care - Ghent [BE]
Pridiktiv is an award winning smart and mobile health collaboration platform.
Life Sciences
Malte Stampe
Prolupin GmbH - Grimmen [DE]
Prolupin is a producer of high quality, lupine based plant proteins. We are creating value in the complete supply-chain, from the farmer to the consumer, through our patented extraction process and our own B2C food portfolio and B2B business partners.
Life Sciences
Christoph Seidenstuecker
RelaxBogen GmbH - Hameln [DE]
The RelaxBogen is a unique and effective therapy concept to treat the symptoms of patients suffering from Bruxism or TMD (temporomandibular disorders).
Life Sciences
Nicolay Berard-Andersen
Respinor AS - Oslo [NO]
Respinor has broad medical device experience making the first ever ultrasound sensor that can stick to the skin. This device can help patients with respiratory problems and save millions in health care costs. We have a strong IP, EU funding from Eurostars
Life Sciences
Andre Passon
RIMASYS - Zurich [DE]
RIMASYS generates realistic fractures in human specimen based on a data model; with that elevating Medical Education & MedTech R&D to the next level of realism. For the first time it's possible to train end2end trauma mgmt in situation close to OR reality
Life Sciences
Marie Just Mikkelsen
Samplix ApS - Ballerup [DK]
Samplix brings critically needed, long range capabilities to all DNA sequencing platforms
Life Sciences
Michiel Allessie
Sleep.ai - Nijmegen [NL]
Sleep.ai focus is sleep disorders with special emphasis on Snoring, Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Bruxism and - via use of medical algorithm - provides cost effective & efficient test - diagnostic tool for patients and doctors / dentists.
Life Sciences
Isabel Hoffmann
TellSpec Inc. - London [GB]
Tellspec offers affordable real-time food testing, food-safety and food-authenticity.
Life Sciences
Javier Pérez de Azpillaga
Tesoro Imaging SL - Valencia [ES]
Quality dental imaging for the full jaw based on super fast magnetic resonance technology that visualizes both hard and soft tissues and is free of radiation
Life Sciences
Vincent Forster
Versantis AG - Zurich [CH]
Versantis is developing a new generation of liver disease medicines and diagnostics to save the lives of patients worldwide.
Life Sciences
Erwin Blomsma
ViroVet - Leuven [BE]
Providing innovative virus control solutions to secure and improve the health and value of livestock
Life Sciences
Lennart Budelmann
aQysta - Delft [NL]
aQysta has developed an award winning hydropowered water pump, which does not require any fuel or electricity and hardly any maintenance
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Martijn Lopes Cardozo
Black Bear - Nederweert [NL]
Black Bear brings the circular economy to tires
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
David Brown
BroadBit Batteries - Helsinki [FI]
Breakthrough sodium based battery innovations replacing and surpassing current lithium based batteries in terms of cost, energy, power, longevity and environmental friendliness.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Robert Pfab
carbonclean - Köln [DE]
Energy storage for grid-scale integration of renewables using thermo-electric energy storage
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Pieter Koning
CLEA Technologies - Delft [NL]
Significantly reducing the cost of second generation bio-fuels by enzyme recycling using our proprietary magnetic enzyme immobilization platform technology.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Etay Oren
CommuniThings S.A. - Brussels [BE]
CommuniThings is a provider of Smart-City solutions leveraging sensor technology in combination with city infrastructure to produce Value Added Services aimed at improving mobility in the city
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Andrea Ferrante
D-Orbit [IT]
D-Orbit is a satellite systems company providing commissioning and decommissioning solutions for spacecraft, launch vehicles, and next-generation satellites constellations.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Markus Schwaninger
Ecoligo GmbH - Berlin [DE]
ecoligo is a solar utility in emerging markets
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Mich Hein
Electrochaea GmbH [DE]
Electrochaea’s proprietary power-to-gas process converts CO2 and excess electricity into biomethane for injection into the gas grid, thus enabling utility-scale energy storage.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Giuseppe Giordano
Enerbrain [IT]
Enerbrain turns wasteful buildings into smarter, healthier & more sustainable ones with an innovative IoT energy retrofit solution. Our “Energy cloud” can both increase the energy saving and the environmental comfort of a non residential building.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Juergen Resch
gleensheep - Dusseldorf [DE]
High effective Recycling with a quote up to 93% and less 60% less cost. Gleensheep is a game changer looking forward to solve generations issues. We are on tech to solve big problems in a easy and effective way.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Frank Tielens
HeatMatrix group - Geldermalsen [NL]
Many industries are losing energy via hot corrosive flue gas or process air through their stacks. HeatMatrix has developed a unique polymer heat exchanger which is corrosion resistant and therefor can recover this heat.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Aiko Bernehed
Hyperion Energy UG [DE]
Affordable Solar Power - Day & Night
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Guggi Kofod
Inmold A/S - Kgs. Lyngby [DK]
Inmold provides a ground-breaking technology for barcoding of plastic products - solving Industry 4.0 traceability and counterfeit problems with one strike
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Stefan Reber
NexWafe GmbH [DE]
NexWafe commercializes kerfless wafer technology to supply to solar cell manufacturers high quality mono-crystalline Si wafers as a drop-in replacement for Czrochalski Si wafers at a fraction of the cost
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Peter Mathies
Novopack Aps [DK]
Novopack ApS was founded in 2012 and is managed by a highly experienced team, who has brought the promising product concept Spread2go® to life within the FMCG/packaging concept world.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Philipp Buerling
NUMAFERM - biomade innovations
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Tuomas Mustonen
Paptic Ltd - Espoo [FI]
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Amber Michel
Pingle Inc - Seattle [US]
Pingle is a software as a service (SaaS) solution that eliminates the busy work of managing credentials for the maritime industry
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Christoph Becker
scoo mobility gmbh - München [DE]
scoo mobility is an innovative mobility-provider with the first keyless free-floating (e-)scooter-sharing fleet worldwide.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
SmartNodes - Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve [BE]
SmartNodes is a company specialized in the development and the marketing of embedded modules, telemetry data and remote control solutions for Smart City outdoor applications to the attention of the public and private sectors.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Gerwin Hop
Social Charging [NL]
Social Charging connects electric drivers to each other and to smart systems, enabling them to easily share charging points and smart charge their cars, which improves charging efficiency.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Juha Salmela
Spinnova - Laukaa [FI]
SPINNOVA WILL DISRUPT THE RAW MATERIAL BASE OF THE WHOLE TEXTILE INDUSTRY! We make sustainable textiles directly from natural fibres.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Katharina Obladen
UVIS UV-Innovative Solutions GmbH - Cologne [DE]
UVIS is a young, innovative firm which seeks for solutions to clean public surfaces using UV-C light.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
David Garcia Ternero
Wellness Telecom - Sevilla [ES]
We provide end-to-end solutions for the IoT new challenges,
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Bruno Garavelli
Xnext - Milano [IT]
XSpectra ®: the most advanced real time scanner for defects and contaminants detection
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Marco Ghirardello
Solartechno Europe BV - Noordwijk [NL]
Energy Efficiency & Transmission

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