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EVS Presentation

The EVS Presentation is downloadable HERE

Offer for Presenting Companies
  • Presenting Companies Offer for Packages HERE
  • Master Classes Presentation HERE

Press Release - 20 September 2016

Europe Unlimited is proud to announce that North Rhine-Westphalia will once again be hosting both the European Venture Contest NRW Semi-Final, taking place in Cologne on November 22, and the European Venture Summit, taking place in Düsseldorf on December 5-6.

Press Release - 25 November 2016

The top 20 most-innovative start-ups of North-Rhine Westphalia have been selected to present at the European Venture Summit, the Grand Prix of the European start-ups on December 5 & 6 in Dusseldorf.

Press Release - 7 December 2016

Over 100 investors and business angels chose the Top 25 emerging companies of the 2016 European Venture Contest at the continent’s biggest venture market place, the European Venture Summit (EVS).

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