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The ESA Investment Readiness Programme (IRP) 2015-16 involves 8 one and a half day coaching workshops over the period of Autumn 2015 to Autumn 2016. The IRP aims to help early-stage entrepreneurs increase their likelihood of acquiring seed-level or venture capital funding. The IRP workshop is split into an ice-breaking evening and a one-day intensive workshop where the programme leader, Rick Salmon will work together with the participating entrepreneurs to fine-tune their business models and sharpen their business propositions. Through this workshop, entrepreneurs will learn about the necessary tools to obtain funding and grow, and also the skills to communicate their value to investors effectively.
Each workshop will feature 7 to 10 companies and top 2 most investment ready SMEs from each will be selected to join Europe Unlimited’s European Venture Contest. The 16 Investment Ready ESA SMEs (8 x 2 SMEs or 16 SMEs) will be invited to upload their profiles and presentations on Europe Unlimited’s website where those will be reviewed by a panel of investor experts from the European Venture Summit, Europe Unlimited's flagship event uniting 100+ investors every year. The 16 investment ready companies will also be invited to apply to take part in other local investment matching events in UK, Italy, German speaking region and the Benelux; this may include any investment matching event not just those of the Europe Unlimited or Tech Tour group.

Why should you participate? 
  • Get your business ready for INVESTORS 
  • Clarify your company’s Unique Selling Proposition 
  • Learn to communicate your value to investors in a brief but powerful way. 
  • Create a 15-second elevator pitch for power networking 
  • Prepare, present and perfect an 8 minute investor PowerPoint presentation 
  • Learn how to speed-up your overall business development cycle

  • ESA BIC companies
  • ESA alumni companies (who were past BIC companies or participated in ESA events)
Satellite Communications – SATCOM Satellite Navigation – SATNAV
Consumer Broadband Applications using the Galileo
Mobile Communications Navigation System Transport
Satellite Networks Consumer
Video Distribution & Applications Professional
Mobile Applications & Entertainment Road
Earth Observation – EO Other Technology Sectors
Natural Resource Management Avionics, Sensors, Lasers
Land Monitoring Aerospace & Aviation
Oceanography Robotics & Materials
Meteorology Solar Energy & Energy Storage
Defense & Security Other Renewable Energy
  Satellites, Rockets & services
  Space-Air Traffic Management Infrastructure
  Space Transportation
  Security & Military Systems & Applications

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