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Presenting Companies

Mariachiara Bosio
Bringme Srl - Torino [IT]
With Jojob.it, sustainable mobility joins the company, in a customized, effective and measurable way.
Alessandro Canepa
i-Deal SRL - Biella [IT]
i-Deal is the development in form of enteprise of the activities ot its founders, with more than 15 year experience in clothing, IT and research. It has developed an original platform to remotely indicate the right size to clothing e-commerce consumers.
Marco Bestonzo
INTOINO - Torino [IT]
INTOINO is an internationally awarded edtech startup that produce DIY electronic kits for education.
Lorenzo Uggeri
Kooness - Milano [IT]
Kooness is the first European platform that connects local art galleries with collectors from all over the world.
Francesco Ardito
LastMinuteSottoCasa - Perché il cibo... non si butta! - Torino [IT]
An innovative digital mouthpiece that fights food waste! LMSC offer a new live-marketing formula that allows shops with a surplus of food products to instantly inform people nearby. A win-win-win idea! Retailer, Client and the Planet...three winners!
Daniele Galvani
Moto Parilla - Reggio Emilia [IT]
The two wheeled SUV
Daniele Pozzo
Naboomboo - Torino [IT]
Naboomboo is an innovative community to improve your foreign language fluency talking about your preferred topics with native speaking tutors
Max Morocutti
Neosperience Spa [IT]
Neosperience is the first Digital Customer Experience Cloud: a leading-edge business technology that empowers organizations to engage and understand their digital customer.
Erich Cavicchiolo
Nubilaria srl - Novara [IT]
Nubilaria is a consulting firm specialized in the design and implementation of Information Technology Services within high security standard environments.
Fulvio Cugno
Oluck [IT]
Oluck attracts and profiles users making them interact with the advertisements. Advertising evolves and from boring it becomes fun!
Evandro Pollono
Sandeva - piverone [IT]
Sandeva creates compact 3D printing solutions that set themselves apart for reliability, ease of use and design.
Edmondo Barletta
Sin Tesi Forma - Torino [IT]
Since 2009, we teach, produce and distribute architecture, design and communication trainings for professionals and companies.In 2014, Sin tesi Forma also started to develop online Courses, in collaboration with the local regulators and category associati
Alessandro Zanet
WOMS - Caluso [IT]
WOMS - Word Of Mouth Sales - buy and sell with confidence
Andrea Rinaldo
XMetrics [IT]
XMetrics is a wearable technology company, combining Italian design with advanced biomechanical sensors and sophisticated algorithms, resulting in the ultimate ingenious activity tracker to improve any swimmer’s performance.
Bruno Garavelli
Xnext - Milano [IT]
XSpectra ®: the most advanced real time scanner for defects and contaminants detection
Ester Liquori
You Are My Guide Srl - Turin [IT]
YAMGU is the smart guide and trip planner that acquires and analyzes travel behaviors to deliver personalized experiences.
Luca Sereni
CellDynamics Srl - Reggio Emilia [IT]
CellDynamics designs, develops, produces and commercializes devices for single cell analysis for Discovery,In Vitro Diagnostics and IVFertilization
Life Sciences
Silvia Trasciatti
Galileo Research [IT]
Galileo Research, a spin-off from the R&D Division of Abiogen Pharma S.p.A., and its novel cell-based therapeutic approach against cancer.
Life Sciences
Esther Cobos
IPSA - Chivasso [IT]
IPSA, ICT company active in Italy since 1997, is focused on the development of Smart Solutions for Healthcare for the Hospital Drug & Medical Devices Distribution. High-tech HW and SW are integrated to improve patient safety and reduce hospital costs.
Life Sciences
Giuseppina Emma Puglisi
PR.O.VOICE - torino [IT]
We care for a better voice by prevention and diagnosis through online monitoring of voice parameters.
Life Sciences
Carlo Viberti
SpaceLand Italia - Torino [IT]
Non gov SME for end-to-end services on weightless R&D (pharma-biomed, materials, sat technologies) and edutainment aerospace training underwater and on ground for microgravity parabolic and sub-orbital R&D and tourism flight missions open to anybody
Life Sciences
Luca Ravagnan
WISE - Milano [IT]
WISE Srl is a Milan- and Berlin-based medical device company developing the new generation of leads for Neuromodulation and Neuromonitoring: unbreakable, less invasive and highly conformable.
Life Sciences
Giovanni Venturini Del Greco
Agroils develops biomaterials (biofuels, biochemicals, wood composites) from inedible and low water demanding crops.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Vittorio Bava
Diptera [IT]
We use insects to manufacture sustainable animal feed ingredients.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Paolo Cistaro
Easy Rain I.S.R.L. - Vittorio Veneto [IT]
Easy Rain enables vehicles to immediately recover adherence and traction after having experienced hydroplaning
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Andres Saldivia
Hysytech S.r.l. - Turin [IT]
Hysytech s.r.l. is a private company with over 15 years of experience on technology development and process engineering applied to design and construction of “turn-key” plants and equipment for fuel processing, gas treating and energy generation
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Massimo Ippolito
KiteGen Venture S.p.A. - San Mauro Torinese [IT]
The engeenering studio that developed and hold the IP, the know-how and the tecnology for the exploitation of the high altitude wind.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Roberto Cafagna
Nanto Cleantech Spa [IT]
NCT is based on a project management organization: R&D, Production, MKT & Sales with the support of the Corporate Finance and Administration. Professional developers and managers with long and well-established experience manage each Business Unit.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Filippo Bastianini
Sestosensor SRL - Bologna [IT]
New cost-effective fiber optic sensors for Oil&Gas, Smart Power Grid & Geology
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Gabriele Randelli
Smart-I - Rome [IT]
Smart-I is the innovative Start-Up Company which produces SmartEye, the new intelligent system to reduce the energy consumption for public lighting and to provide interactive services for Smart City.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Pierpaolo Rigo
tacita - santena [IT]
we produce in italy electric motorbikes of high level for real bikers and T-World concept + power trains for e-mobility ie gokarts and planing boats
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Serena Bertarione Rava Rossa
TitaC srl - Torino [IT]
TitaC srl is a company which offers R&D services in nanotechnology and building fields
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Giuseppe Gianolio
VASS Technologies s.r.l - Cellarengo [IT]
VASS Technologies: design and manufacture, under proprietary patents, of prefabricated building elements eco-efficient and high tech.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Giorgio Cerruti
Wave Trastic is a Wave Energy Converter, designed by a unique package of Key Drivers. Wave Trastic overcome the traditional carbon methodologies through an innovative and sustainable way.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Massimo Ruo Roch
Xaluxi srl - Torino [IT]
Development and production of Intelligent LED lighting
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment

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