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Presenting Companies

Philippe Gilbert
Alinto SA - Lyon [FR]
Provider and operator of groupware messaging and communication services
Carlo Daffara
CloudWeavers Ltd - London [GB]
Reliability, efficiency, speed: 60 seconds to your private cloud. Simple, no installation, no configuration. Just magic.
Marco Andolfi
Disignum - Torino [IT]
Communicating with a click, is the prior of our work
Piergiorgio Cerello
diXit s.r.l. - Torino [IT]
WEB-based Services for imaging-based Clinical Trials
Daniele Arena
FileRock - Frosinone [IT]
FileRock brings total security to cloud storage.
Emilio Simeone
FLYBY s.r.l. - Livorno [IT]
Georeferenced Remote Sensing & Supervision Solutions
Marco Borzino
Hicare Research - Torino [IT]
Hicare is Gartner Cool Vendor Analytics 2013, for Luna Decision: create your efficient BI and CPM application
Gery Winkler
ImmerHire - Munich [DE]
The Talent 3Discoverer - ImmerHire is the first immersive, virtual 3D Assessment Center
Stefano Lamberto
Intendita S.n.c. - Buttigliera Alta [IT]
Welcome to the First Real Estate Revolution
Pietro Ferraris
map2app Inc - San Francisco [US]
map2app is a web based platform that allows to turn any destination into a beautiful mobile territorial app, for iPhone and Android
Antonio Bonsignore
mobysign - London [GB]
MobySign is an authentication layer turning a common smartphone into an easy and secure device to pay cashless and log in, when using any other device or the smartphone alone, with just a single PIN to keep in mind
Marco Bianchi
MoodMe - Esch-sur-Alzette [LU]
Vision: Enrich Communications with Emotions
Paolo Cianchi
Negentis Srl. - Sesto Fiorentino, Florence [IT]
Negentis has developed an IoT/IoE unique integration platform which covers the entire relevant application stack
Carlo Capello
ProxToMe - San Francisco [US]
ProxToMe lets you discover people nearby and easily share digital contents with them in real time
Antonio Lorenzo Rassu
Re-Hosting Competence Centre srl - Torino [IT]
EIP Suite: A set of software products to leave IBM Mainframe and support software applications in the new environment
Carlo Brunelleschi
SeeJay - Rome - Milan [IT]
SeeJay allows to collect, organise and publish images, video, audio, and other user-generated content (UGC) to create real time, collective storytelling around any topic or theme, transforming the huge influx of content on the Web into meaningful stories
Antonio Tombolini
Simplicissimus Book Farm - Milan [IT]
Digital distribution of ebooks and digital magazine + Self-publishing platform
Giuseppe Ravello
Sounday - Torino [IT]
"Connecting the entire music industry online" is the Sounday's mission. The product is a single online destination addressed to music fans, artists and other professionals of the music business.
Daniele Accornero
Startupto - Turin [IT]
Sharing ideas. Sharing innovation.
Fulvio Dominici
Ultramundum Foundation - Grugliasco (TO) [IT]
Development of ultravision, three dimensional television through Internet
Giacomo Cancelli
ViDiTrust s.r.l. - Siena [IT]
ViDiTrust company proposes low cost and strongly effective technology for anticounterfeiting and protection from infringement goods.
Massimo Maffei
AA&M Algae-Tech - Turin [IT]
Extraction and purification of bioactive natural products from algae and plants
Life Sciences
Marco Ivaldi
aGrisù - Torino [IT]
aGrisù provides localized real-time air quality indexes, relating the major environmental pollutants to the physiological parameters of the client.
Life Sciences
Marco Turturici
Ex4Neck - Turin [IT]
Enjoy prevention and treatment of cervical pain - Using the innovation instrument Cervical visual track. It is a instrument based on PC/webcam or just on smartphone/tablet that offers you the opportunity to do enjoying exercise to prevention and in addi
Life Sciences
Chiara Tonda Turo
GELTIS - Torino [IT]
Geltis produces injectable, thermosensitive formulations to improve drug delivery efficacy in localized therapy for medical and cosmetic applications
Life Sciences
Luciano Scaltrito
MICROLA Optoelectronics S.r.l. - Torino [IT]
Design and frabrication of optoelectronic systems in Q-switched DPSS LASER applications
Life Sciences
Alberto Arezzo
RED - Robotic for Endoscopic Dissection - Turin [IT]
A high innovative plug & play robotic hood for standard flexible endoscopes that allows minimal invasive surgery to excise “early” neoplasms of the digestive tract in an easy, safe and effective way through natural orifices such as throat and anus.
Life Sciences
Silvia Boasso
Rescom is a chemical company for textile sector organised in production units and laboratories. Rescom is continuously developing specialty chemicals and performance chemicals and films through the laboratories.
Life Sciences
Luisa Pugliese
S.A.F.AN. Bioinformatics s.a.s. - Torino [IT]
S.A.F.AN. BIOINFORMATICS developed an in silico profiling technology to find new drug repositioning opportunities
Life Sciences
Luca Ravagnan
WISE - Milano [IT]
WISE Srl is a Milan- and Berlin-based medical device company developing the new generation of leads for Neuromodulation and Neuromonitoring: unbreakable, less invasive and highly conformable.
Life Sciences
Fabrizio Siracusano
Acacia Cleantech - Torino [IT]
Acacia Cleantech is a spin off from Politecnico di Torino aimed to develop, prototype and put into the market micro power generators based on a patented advanced SOFC technology (Solid Oxide Fuel Cells).
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Stefano Carabelli
Actua S.r.l. - Cambiano [IT]
Actuation and Control Technologies for Energy Effiiciency
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Antonio Conati Barbaro
Alleantia - Pisa [IT]
Alleantia is an Internet-of-Things Company supplying products for web and mobile monitoring & control, based on its OS-independent software platform, leveraging the innovative concepts of Open Objects Library and IoT Application Store
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Luca Nespoli
Enfasi S.C.AR.L. - Torino [IT]
Enfasi is a team 7 companies specialized in renewable energy installations and energy saving projects. Energeticamente is the engineering company of the team and it has 3 patents pending; it has a R&D agreement with Turin University.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Alessandro Caraglio
Epik is an engineering company in Industrial software instruments and hardware area, since 2007 in solar technology with BLACKMAGIC efficency optimizer technology, in Septmber 11 makes a spin off
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Antonio Domenico Ialeggio
Geolumen - Benevento [IT]
Integrated Systems for Intelligent Light
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Andres Saldivia
Hysytech S.r.l. - Turin [IT]
Hysytech s.r.l. is a private company with over 15 years of experience on technology development and process engineering applied to design and construction of “turn-key” plants and equipment for fuel processing, gas treating and energy generation
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Serena Bertarione Rava Rossa
TitaC srl - Torino [IT]
TitaC srl is a company which offers R&D services in nanotechnology and building fields
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Andrea Gulisano
Wave for Energy - Torino [IT]
Water covers over 70% of our world. Why do we want to make it greener, if we can have a world more blue. Wave for energy, power from waves.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment

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