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Who should attend?

The New Materials Forum offers a unique setting with pan-European networking for top entrepreneurs, R&D leaders, investors and experts from the New Materials sector. This is a unique opportunity to connect with the whole value chain of technology innovation, from R&D leaders via entrepreneurs and investors to international corporations with global market access.


If you are a researcher, presenting and benchmarking your project(s) at this event will mean significant exposure to an international audience of other researchers, SME´s and industry experts.

You will have the possibility of establishing individual face-to-face meetings with potential partners both from the research and the business community.

This gives you a unique opportunity to receive valuable feedback and new knowledge regarding your research. You may also be able to learn about the potential for commercialising and even more specifically – how to go to market with your research activities.

as a research organisation ?


As an SME you will have the great opportunity to present your company’s research and technology as well as its partnership needs for the future, to an international audience of researchers and industry experts. You will attain visibility in regards to promoting your company’s strengths and position in the market to international key players.

Your attendance will enable you to access technology specific R&D and discuss how to grow your company with potential partners from research and industry.

as a presenting company?


Through your participation you will have the unique possibility to extend your network of SMEs and Researchers on an international platform. The event aims to provide you with privileged access to R&D knowledge in your industry and thus structures a basis for establishing new valuable partnerships.

You will be able to share your market expertise with researchers and SMEs presenting their activities, further your reputation as a market leader and at the same time, increase your knowledge of new innovative research and trends for prospective commercialization.

By identifying and benefiting from early involvement you will play a key role in “Mind to Market” practices.


If you are a Venture Capitalist or an advisor, attending this event will help you to discover new technology and research at a very early stage and share your market and technology knowledge with international researchers and SMEs presenting their activities.

In turn this also means that you will have an opportunity to increase awareness around your own business to new players in the market and of course meet other experts from your industry sector.

All in all a knowledge and relationship building activity.

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