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Driving Tech & Media in the UK 

Tech Media Invest 2009 - 1st October, Emirates Stadium, London

Tech Media Invest 2009 showcased the best technology and amd media companies in the UK, with over 50 presentations from young, fast growing companies.

Sponsored by Kemp Little and PricewaterhouseCoopers, the event profiled the best of the Tech Media Invest Top100, published in the Guardian on September 7th.

Over 50 companies competed in nine sessions on the day and congratulations to the following session winners:

  • Codilink
  • Flirtomatic
  • Huddle
  • Hyperrig
  • Livebookings
  • Playfish
  • Realtime Worlds
  • Seatwave
  • Skimbit

Sponsor Awards

Kemp Little Award for Innovation: Huddle

PwC Hottest Prospect Realtime Worlds

IF Communication Award for Marketing Skimbit



Gold Sponsors




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