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Award Winners

Claude Florin
Fastree3D SA - Geneva [CH]
Fast 3D imaging "solid state flash Lidar" for automotive safety and autonomous robots
Shaun Thanki
Furniture Innovation Sweden AB [SE]
Trianglo is the category creator of multi-modular furniture, a game-changing INFINITY furnishing-interior design system, “like LEGO”. Introducing a scalable business model that disrupts the B2B furniture industry value-chains utilizing VR/Machine Learning
Ralf Schmelter
Innsystec - Aachen [DE]
Innsystec is developing a high-performing transmitter and frontend for data transmission in 4G, 5G and wifi devices
Fredrika Haneborg-Luhr
LUMEX A/S - London [NO]
Empowering OCR for demanding applications
Guido Groet
Luxexcel - kruiningen [NL]
The only company in the world able to 3D print lenses
Martin Ballweg
Mapudo GmbH - Düsseldorf [DE]
Mapudo - The B2B Marketplace for Industrial Materials
Rune Bjerkestrand
Piql AS - Drammen [NO]
Ultra-secure data storage + long-term digital preservation provided as a managed service. Disruptive technology - turnkey holistic solution – commercially ready - first clients - global network of partners. A global and rapidly growing niche market!
Xavier Facelina
Resilient Cyber Security Solutions for Critical Infrastructures
Max Ruffo
Terabee [FR]
Enabling smarter and faster robotics and drones, by making the fastest and lightest 3D sensors in the world (branded www.TeraRanger.com) and the intelligence for fully autonomous navigation and 3D mapping.
Damien Moras
VAT4U GmbH - Düsseldorf [DE]
VAT4U - Europe's first automated VAT refund platform
Andrea Rinaldo
XMetrics [IT]
XMetrics is a wearable technology company, combining Italian design with advanced biomechanical sensors and sophisticated algorithms, resulting in the ultimate ingenious activity tracker to improve any swimmer’s performance.
Ian Muirhead
Anacail Ltd [GB]
Ozone package treatment for the food and medical sterilization industry
Life Sciences
Matthias Meier
CALCISCON AG is a Swiss biotech company providing a novel blood test for the assessment of calcification propensity and improved cardiovascular risk management.
Life Sciences
Franc Pepelnik
DITG GmbH - Düsseldorf [DE]
Healthcare & e-Health institue of lifestyle intervention programs for patients with chronic diseases
Life Sciences
Goranka Tanackovic
Gene Predictis SA - Lausanne [CH]
A Swiss company committed to personalized medicine that develops and commercializes innovative, clinically relevant diagnostic tools based on genetics.
Life Sciences
Peter Haug
oncgnostics GmbH - Jena [DE]
oncgnostics develops - based on proprietary epigenetic markers - highly reliable molecular diagnostic tests for several aspects of cancer diagnostics such as screening, triage, personalized treatment.
Life Sciences
Vasco Varela
PETsys Electronics - Lisboa [PT]
Electronics and Detectors for PET scanners to early cancer's detection
Life Sciences
Frederik Bender
Piur Imaging GmbH - Düsseldorf [DE]
Piur imaging develops tomographic ultrasound solutions for safe and cost-efficient diagnostics of vascular diseases
Life Sciences
Malte Stampe
Prolupin GmbH - Grimmen [DE]
Prolupin is a producer of high quality, lupine based plant proteins. We are creating value in the complete supply-chain, from the farmer to the consumer, through our patented extraction process and our own B2C food portfolio and B2B business partners.
Life Sciences
Marie Just Mikkelsen
Samplix ApS - Ballerup [DK]
Samplix brings critically needed, long range capabilities to all DNA sequencing platforms
Life Sciences
Stephen McNulty
AmbiSense Ltd. - Dublin [IE]
Ambisense designs and deploys remote monitoring systems and networks
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Christian Vieider
Ascatron AB - Uppsala [SE]
More power and lower losses with 3DSiC® power electronics
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Frederik Taarnhøj
FaunaPhotonics - Copenhagen N. [DK]
We quantify aerial fauna to ensure sustainable crop utilisation for the benefit of mankind.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Robert Strods
GasLiner Latvia - Riga [LV]
GasLiner provides proprietary virtual pipeline solutions that enable fuel providers and biogas producers to monetize natural gas/biomethane as fuel for transportation to off-grid consumers.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
William Rosenfeld
Zenpark - Saint-Germain en laye [FR]
Zenpark is the premier parksharing operator in France.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment

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