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Award Winners

Anthony Hsiao
EvoMob [DE]
A cloud platform to create compelling smartphone- and tablet-optimized web shops
Michael Bak
Hello World Mobile [DK]
Hello World Mobile has built the worlds first scalable infrastructure that combines multiple physical telecom networks into a single international virtual network
Giuseppe Puccio
Hicare Research [IT]
Hicare is Gartner Cool Vendor Analytics 2013, for Luna Decision: create your efficient BI and CPM application
Ljupcho Antovski
iVote - Skopje [MK]
Leading provider of iVote DEMOKRA elections management system - trusted by 107 million voters worldwide
Mitch De Geest
nCentric - Brugge [BE]
nCentric is a specialized wireless telecom operator & wireless product manufacturer focused on the offshore oil & gas market and similar industries
Louis Tag
Passnfly [ES]
PASSNFLY provides services to air passengers, airlines and airports through a innovative mobile solution that empowers aviation systems-integration and provides the next generation of global aviation technology.
Philip Vandormael
Right Brain Interface NV - Kessel-Lo [BE]
We bring an integrated TV & Video discovery portal, bhaalu, finally delivering TV as it should be: discovering, recommending and viewing what you want, when you want, where you want, on any device and always relaxed, a right brain interface to Internet.
Asparuh Koev
Transmetrics - Sofia [BG]
Transmetrics brings Big Data to cargo transport to improve capacity utilization
Markus Knapek
ViaLight Communications GmbH - Munich [DE]
Laser communication at highest data rates (>1Gbps) for aerial platforms like UAVs, aircraft, helicopters, etc.
Mirko Stange
Acuity Medical Europe (repesented by Ventac Partner) - Düsseldorf [DE]
Acuity Medical Europe (in the course of formation) offers the only approved therapy for dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD) which is one of the majour causes of vision impairment in western countries with 135 million patients affected worldwide
Life Sciences
Jorgen Drejer
Aniona - Ballerup [DK]
Aniona - Capitalizing on novel ion channel discoveries with transforming therapeutic potential
Life Sciences
Ron Meyer
InfanDx AG - Koeln [DE]
novel diagnostics for asphyxia and brain injury in newborn infants
Life Sciences
Vicenç Tur
Lipopharma Therapeutics SL [ES]
We develop next generation drugs based on the innovative Membrane lipid Therapy approach
Life Sciences
Marius Rosenberg
Medical Adhesive Revolution GmbH i.G. [DE]
Life-science company to develop a surgical glue for application inside the humand body
Life Sciences
Montse Charles-Harris Ferrer
Neos Surgery S.L [ES]
NEOS creates solutions for neurosurgical challenges since 2003. We’ve had one stimulating failure, one worldwide product launch now selling in over 20 countries, and a pipeline of products ready to launch in the mid and long-term
Life Sciences
Peter Kenney
Rhinix ApS [DK]
Rhinix is a clinical-stage medical device company focused on the development and commercialization of nasal filters for the treatment of seasonal allergic rhinitis
Life Sciences
David Brown
Teicos Pharma - Helsinki [FI]
Teicos Pharma's business is the production and sales of a new class of inhalable API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) powders for dry powder inhalers (DPI) based on a novel coating and encapsulation technology. Teicos also proprietary inhaler technology
Life Sciences
Garnet Kasperk
AIXaTech GmbH - Aachen [DE]
Start-up company for innovative energy and lighting technologies
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Mark Jansson Kragh
Arsizio AB - Varberg [SE]
IPR-company: New production method on licensing basis for the 75 billion Euro extrusion industries, the technology is used today on licensing basis and patented globally.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Joachim Meyer
DeVeTec GmbH - Saarbrücken [DE]
Development and marketing of an ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) steam expansion engine for the production of electricity from waste heat for mobile and stationary applications
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Thomas Goette
GreenPocket GmbH - Cologne [DE]
GreenPocket is a specialist for smart meter and smart home software that empowers people to use energy in the most comfortable and responsible way.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Laurits Bach Sørensen
MicroShade A/S - Copenhagen [DK]
Defining the benchmark for the relationship between indoor climate, energy consumption and solar shading.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Mads Jensen
Sefaira - W1D 4NS [GB]
Sefaira is the leading provider of cloud software for energy efficient building design and retrofit
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Erik Olsson
Sol Voltaics AB - Lund [SE]
Sol Voltaics is an advanced materials company that improves the efficiency of energy capture, generation and storage using miniscule amounts of novel nanomaterials.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Martin Rambusch
Windar Photonics A/S - Copenhagen [DK]
Cost efficient manufacturer of LIDAR system for the wind turbine industry,
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment

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