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Award Winners

Jonatan Redvik
Appland AB - Gothenburg [SE]
Turn-key Cloud-based Next-gen Mobile App Store Solutions
Simon Goldschmidt
ATOSHO - Københan K [DK]
Platform for Distributed E-commerce - Enabling Shopping in Editorial Content
Jeremie Pierre Gay
Create it REAL - Aalborg [DK]
Create It REAL is a 3D printing technology provider
Gulnaz Khusainova
EasySize [DK]
Bjarke Finlov
November First - Copenhagen [DK]
International Payment Services
Üllar Jaaksoo
NOW! Innovations - Tallinn [EE]
Billing and payment SaaS platform for mobility services - parking, EV charging, bike renting and etc.
Louis Tag
Passnfly [ES]
PASSNFLY provides services to air passengers, airlines and airports through a innovative mobile solution that empowers aviation systems-integration and provides the next generation of global aviation technology.
Anders Fredriksson
Shpare AB - Gothenburg [SE]
Pre-qualifying leads for exhibitors at trade shows
Martin Jørgensen
Biosynergy A/S [DK]
Using ice crème as media and conservation to make special patient nutrition, functional food to sports and fitness people Ore making specialized protine products to cancer patients
Life Sciences
Peter Rugbjerg
Biosyntia ApS [DK]
Enabling production of vitamins by fermentation
Life Sciences
Mai-Britt Zocca
LevOss [DK]
LevOss – Structurally Graded Scaffolds towards Bone and Cartilage Repair
Life Sciences
Mark Jansson Kragh
Arsizio AB - Varberg [SE]
IPR-company: New production method on licensing basis for the 75 billion Euro extrusion industries, the technology is used today on licensing basis and patented globally.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Christian Vieider
Ascatron AB - Uppsala [SE]
More power and lower losses with 3DSiC® power electronics
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Laurits Bach Sørensen
MicroShade A/S - Copenhagen [DK]
Defining the benchmark for the relationship between indoor climate, energy consumption and solar shading.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Robert Leth
NH3 Europa ApS - Horsens [DK]
Developers of NH3 Systems for Storage of Renewable Energy + More
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Erik Olsson
Sol Voltaics AB - Lund [SE]
Sol Voltaics is an advanced materials company that improves the efficiency of energy capture, generation and storage using miniscule amounts of novel nanomaterials.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment

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