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Award Winners

Serguei Okhonin
ActLight SA [CH]
ActLight, a Lausanne-based startup with strong ties to EPFL, develops and licenses technology in the increasingly ubiquitous field of light sensing.
Matthias Vanoni
BIOWATCH SA - Montreux [CH]
We believe that wearables devices and the uniqueness of your body are the key to your universe that’s why Our mission is to provide the world’s first wearable wrist vein recognition solution to industries worldwide.
Robert Morrison
DigitArena SA - Vuiteboeuf [CH]
DigitArena delivers a unique sports arena advert replacement technology which re-populates physical banner content with other advertising content based on geo-localisation.
Olivier Hamel
Prodibi - Geneva [CH]
Prodibi is everything you need to showcase beautiful images online
Simone Marini
sailsquare srl - Milan [IT]
The first marketplace for sailing experiences offered by local skippers
Michael Bauer
Cellestia Biotech AG - Basel [CH]
Cellestia develops a novel anti-cancer targeted therapy for patients with NOTCH pathway activated cancer
Life Sciences
Marco Bottaro
Eucardia Srl - Milano [IT]
Eucardia develops a new patented cardiac medical device intended to provide a simple, quick and cost effective solution to treat patients affected by advanced heart failure.
Life Sciences
Vincent Forster
Versantis AG - Zurich [CH]
Versantis is developing a new generation of liver disease medicines and diagnostics to save the lives of patients worldwide.
Life Sciences
Luca Rossettini
D-Orbit - Cadorago (CO) [IT]
D-Orbit is a satellite systems company with capabilities for small spacecraft design and manufacture, rocket propulsion and related software, focused on spacecraft on-orbit transportation: commissioning, servicing, life extension and decommissioning.
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Stefan Reber
NexWafe GmbH [DE]
NexWafe commercializes kerfless wafer technology to supply to solar cell manufacturers high quality mono-crystalline Si wafers as a drop-in replacement for Czrochalski Si wafers at a fraction of the cost
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment
Massimo Nacci
Xnext [IT]
XSpectra ®: the most advanced real time scanner for defects and contaminants detection
Energy, Clean Technology, Environment

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